Since winter seems to be here, it’s super important to protect our skin over the next few weeks. Plus, taking good care now will yield big results when the weather turns warmer and we start showing more skin. That’s a double winter winner!

Back by popular demand, the Winter Defense Bundle is a good start! It has everything you need to keep hydrated head-to-toe. Plus, you’ll save a “bundle” by ordering the set instead of individual products. ($96 retail value for only $59 with free shipping!) But what else can we do? Check out these 5 Winter Skin-Saving Tips!

1. Consider a humidifier – Dry air is hard on our skin. It’s important to keep hydrating with great moisturizers (like Advanced Hydrating Creme) but you might also consider adding a humidifier to bedrooms or workspaces. New ones on the market have come a long way, and can give your skin a boost.

2. Skip the hot shower – We know, we know. This seems plain cruel in the winter months. But really, dialing back your water from “hottest” to “just beyond warm” will really prevent stripping those precious oils from your skin. And the shower’s BFF? Oomph! of course!

3. Moisturize while skin is damp – Some experts consider this a myth, but if it helps you, try it! Many people feel like moisturizing skin right after the shower really helps to “lock it in”. My vote is to try any little bit of help your skin can get. It will thank you later! Pro tip: keep your favorite body moisturizer (like Hand & Body) in the shower for easy access. 

4. Don’t forget your hands – Your hands take a beating throughout the day, especially if you are frequently washing them. Be sure to moisturize more often than once daily to keep them from getting too dry or cracking. Some of my favorite tips are to 1) apply Cocoa Shea Body Butter on hands before bed and 2) keep a bottle of Hand & Body Treatment next to our soap dispensers on the kitchen and bathroom sinks. That way, everyone remembers to moisturize more often!

5. Lips are skin, too – We say this a lot, and it’s true! Plus, did you know that our lips don’t have oil glands like the rest of our skin? And lips are only about 3 to 5 cellular layers, where other skin is 16. That’s why we love Lip Fix for the whole family. It will keep those lips soft, smooth and protected. Pucker up, buttercup!

We sure hope these 5 tips help you see and feel better skin head-to-toe!

If you have any questions about our products, how they’re made or which one is right for you, email us at [email protected] We’re here to help you see the healthiest, happiest, most hydrated skin this winter!