I am going to start this story by telling you the ending first. I am a cancer survivor! I am healthy, strong, and with God’s grace, I am still here.

Now, I will back up to the beginning of Summer 2021. I had discovered a lump in my breast and went to my doctor for an evaluation. After a few uncertain days, it was confirmed that I had breast cancer. Like anyone who has heard those words, I was stunned to hear the news. I was also stunned to learn that I would likely require surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. After the shock and a good cry, the journey began. 

My husband, Jim, and I sought out several options on treatment plans and chose a well-respected cancer facility for my care. Surgery was performed to remove the tumor, followed by healing and physical therapy. Then, we prepared for the next step: chemotherapy. 

My oncology team prescribed the cocktail of medications to be administered and reviewed what to expect. I knew I was in for discomfort during treatments and was told that I would lose my hair and should shave my head. I’m not vain, but because I work, I wanted to look as normal as possible – although there is nothing “normal” about a chemo treatment plan. 

It was suggested that Jim shave his head in sympathy for me. I was given information on wigs and scarves to cover my future bald head. If I did lose my hair, I would get through it by the Grace of God. Neither of us shaved our heads. 

The pre-chemo class that I attended stressed the importance of staying well hydrated and keeping my skin moisturized. They also suggested that hair loss was eminent. 

Those of you who know me know that Jim and I are the owners of RemeVerse and the laboratory that develops and manufactures our anti-aging skincare and haircare products. You may also know that I can be pretty determined when I put my mind to something.

Because there is so much to a cancer diagnosis that was beyond my control, I decided to dive in headfirst into understanding of the effects of chemotherapy. Our research into this endeavor revealed that not all chemo patients lose their hair. It also revealed that there are several credible research studies suggesting that Vitamin C and other antioxidants may effect the efficacy of chemo and radiation treatments. 

Therefore, it only made sense that we turned to our lab team for help in protecting and defending my skin and hair throughout this journey. 

The team went to work and created moisturizers and a hair treatment that I would use along with a cold cap during my own chemo and radiation treatments. I became a human lab rat!

The products that I personally used became the RemeVerse Chemo Care Kit. This kit contains Protect & Defend Facial Moisturizer, Hand & Body Treatment and Hair Treatment. It also contains a wide-tooth comb and gentle, microfiber hair wrap. These are all tools that provided me with comfort, care and hope during a most difficult time. 

After chemotherapy, I required 30 radiation treatments. Again, I was explained the importance of keeping the treated area moisturized. Our lab created another product – this time a moisturizer that was free of antioxidants, yet contains collagen, peptides and calendula. During radiation treatments, my techs and nurses commented on the good condition of my skin. In fact, the radiation center is now recommending our new product, Radiation Relief & Recovery Cream, to their patients. 

I’m sure you are now wondering, what were my personal results during this ordeal?

  • After 3 months of chemo treatments, my hair thinned a little, yet I had no bald spots. I never needed that wig or scarf!
  • After 30 radiation treatments, the area that received radiation healed quickly. 

Like I said at the beginning of this story, today I am cancer free. I am a survivor. Now, it is our mission to help others through their own chemo and radiation treatments. We believe whole-heartedly that these products will help protect and defend the hair and skin of others embarking on a similar journey. 

When you see the RemeVerse Chemo Care Kit online or on a store shelf, take note of the simple message printed on the box. You matter. We care. 

If you have any questions about the products, or want to share your cancer story with me, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at [email protected]

God bless you and keep you, 

Lois Elliott, 

A Cancer Survivor….Thank God. 


Editor’s Note: Story written by Lois Elliott. Pictured are Lois and Jim Elliott, Founders of RemeVerse LLC and Lexia LLC. For more information on the Chemo Care Kit and Radiation Cream, please click the links below.