Facial serums are one of the beauty industry’s hottest trend. But do you really need one? And if so, what’s the right way to use it?

Q. What are facial serums? 

A. Serums are formulated to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients quickly into the skin. Facial serums are typically clear or gel-based products, and are thinner than moisturizers.

Q. Does everyone need a serum? 

A. Not necessarily. If your skin is responding well to your current skincare routine, you may not need a serum. However, if you feel like you need to boost hydration, serums are a great addition.

Q. If serums are so hydrating, do I still need a moisturizing crème? 

A. Yes! Serums are a good addition to your routine, but not a replacement for the benefits of a facial crème moisturizer.

Q. How and when do I use a serum? 

A. You can use a serum day, night or both. The order of using products should be 1) cleanser, 2) serum, 3) moisturizer, 4) makeup (if needed).

Q. How do I choose my serum? 

A. Look for one with minimal ingredients for maximum impact. Always avoid serums with added fragrance and color, as these can cause irritation. If extra hydration is your goal, try our simple Hyaluronic Acid Serum, made with 100% pure medical grade hyaluronic acid and reverse osmosis water. (The only other ingredients you’ll find here are low-level, paraben-free preservatives to prevent bacterial growth.)

If dark spots or uneven skin tone are your concern, try our Hyaluronic Acid Serum Plus. Like the original, but this serum has added Vitamin C to reduce dark spots and discoloration, along with Green Tea Extract – a powerful antioxidant known for reducing inflammation and improving skin’s moisture. 

If you have any questions about these or other RemeVerse products, ask the lab! We’ll get you answer right away. Simply email us at [email protected]